Luxury superyachts – Falmouth.

8th February 2019

Over 100 years of sailing adventures kept alive by expert cornish craftsman, Pendennis shipyard reveal what it takes to master the seven seas in the world of luxury superyachts. We speak with joint managing director Mike Carr.

In a world where shopping on the go and next day delivery has become the norm, the tide is more than certainly turning as our attention is drawn to the topic of sustainability, reusing and reclaiming – investing in the old rather than simply buying new.



The expert craftsman at Pendennis Shipyard in Cornwall are masters at giving a new lease of life to vessels from times gone by, with demand from owners for refit and repair rising over and above new build projects. Owners are increasingly choosing to refit and refurbish their yachts and according to the annual Superyacht Report, owners are holding onto their yachts for a longer period of time, maintaining and repairing them regularly*.

One of the most recent restoration projects to be completed at the impressive waterfront site in Falmouth means that over a 100 years of history will be kept alive and continue to sail the world’s seas. Celebrating a momentous milestone of their own this year, as 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of Pendennis, the 42m classic twin-masted schooner Mariette is one of the world’s most historic yachts. After nearly nine months of sensitive restoration, the team is delighted with the results.



For Pendennis, perfection is personal, and the superior service provided to clients is what has led to the Cornish-based business becoming one of the world’s leading luxury superyacht build and refit facilities. Originally built in the USA in 1915, the complex restoration project of the Mariette has been a labour of love for the team; maintaining all of the key features that make the traditional schooner so special with the greatest level of care and attention to detail.

Mike Carr, joint Managing Director at Pendennis Shipyard commented:

“We believe in investing in the future by safeguarding knowledge of the past and ensuring vessels are given the care and attention needed to provide their owners and crew enjoyment and adventures for years to come. The timeless beauty of the Mariette and the fact it was the fourth visit in the Shipyard for the vessel made it a very special project for us to work on. When you are working with a vessel steeped in so much history, there is always an immense level of trust involved which we hold in the highest regard. Widely considered as one of the world’s most beautiful classic yachts, preparing her for many more years at sea and being part of maintaining such an important part of global sailing history is another milestone for the team and I, as we celebrate our 30th year.”



Long-standing Captain of the 140-foot-long twin-masted schooner, Charlie Wroe describes the historic twin schooner as the equivalent of a classic Aston Martin, complete with a Victorian fireplace, gentleman’s study, genteel bathroom and guest quarters. Following the nine – month restoration project, Charlie is looking forward to getting back behind the helm.



Established in 1988 by the well – known yachting businessman Peter de Savary, Pendennis has gone from strength to strength where other shipyards have faltered – succeeding financially, maintaining a loyal client base and expanding their facilities dramatically in 2015 as part of a £22 million investment in the premises. Throughout its history Pendennis has worked with many of the world’s leading naval architects and yacht designers, building up a diverse and impressive portfolio. As the only British business of its type (the only British Superyacht yard for 24m+ yachts) that can boast 100% bespoke new builds alongside an extensive range of refit services, the expert team has worked on some of the most impressive and exclusive superyachts that sail the world today.


From their 13 – acre waterfront location in the thriving maritime town of Falmouth, the exclusive Pendennis Shipyard is guarded by high security and entry is only permitted for a select few outside of staff and visiting clients.

Many thanks to Pendennis Shipyard for this fascinating insight, if you’d like to read more about the company you can do so here.


All photos courtesy of Pendennis Shipyard.

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