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1st November 2016

Rohrs & Rowe - the launch of the brand

Rohrs & Rowe launch video – behind the scenes

In preparation for the launch of our new company and particularly our website we wanted to create something different that would bring our brand to life and make a statement about us. It needed to be something that would demonstrate how our approach and thought process is different, and that we are not just another run of the mill estate agency.

We scratched our heads and thought of all the standard ideas – but came to the conclusion that “standard” was not really our style or what we are about, so went back to the drawing board.

We wanted something that would really stand out, something no one had done before. After a series of brainstorming sessions, we came up with a plan to simply focus on our company ethos: Cornwall, the lifestyle, beautiful photography and creative marketing ideas.

What does everyone think about when Cornwall comes to mind? Sure, some will say pasties and Poldark, but there’s one Cornish feature that rides above all others – our beautiful beaches.

The vision had formed to create a gigantic company logo in some way. By chance, while researching suitable locations, we stumbled across the beach artist Chris Howarth. The ‘One Man and his Rake’ creates intricate art in the sand of Cornish beaches, with his trusty rake. We were mightily impressed with his work, and immediately knew we had found our man for the job.

We decided on Godrevy Beach near St Ives as the right location for many logistical, creative and scenic reasons. We needed all manner of conditions to be right; the weather, correct tide, an empty beach and the right time of the day, so it took a while for the perfect day to arrive.

When everything was ready, Chris set about creating the design on the beach with his partner Debbie.  We arranged for the process to be photographed and filmed in the same style that we are capturing the essence of our clients’ properties, to showcase this style of presentation. This also involved filming Martyn and I as we strode across the beach (an odd sensation when you’re not used to being filmed – do you ignore the drone or look at it? And if you do look at it, how do you not smile or break into laughter?!).

It was amazing to watch Chris create the vision in his head, simply using just a small rake that he had converted in a fairly Heath Robinson style. His creation of our diamond mark logo was pinpoint accurate and totally inline with what our brand stands for.

Just a few days later we received our amazing drone video back from our good friends at Aerial Cornwall and we just couldn’t believe what we saw – it was even better than we had ever anticipated. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

We plan to do further videos, and are welcoming ideas. There will be a prize up for grabs for the most inventive concept – two bottles of the finest Camel Valley champagne, from right here in the Heart of Cornwall. Get in touch via social media to send in your ideas.

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