“I went through quite a lot of due diligence to ensure that I selected the best estate agent and I have absolutely no regrets in selecting Rohrs and Rowe. As you can imagine I am absolutely delighted with the price that we were able to achieve”

“I was incredibly impressed with the award winning agent Rohrs & Rowe who specialise in properties of note in Cornwall.”

“Their approach to the marketing, especially the photography…both interior and aerial was exceptionally good.”

“I would recommend them to anyone who is wanting to sell a premium property.”

“Rohrs & Rowe add a knowledgeable, professional polish that makes all the difference when selling a premium product.”

We were delighted with our purchase made with the help of Rohrs & Rowe. Having had a lot of experience with various agents, large and small, in and around the Falmouth/Helford/Lizard area, it was frankly a relief to deal with Matthew Rowe, who was straightforward, communicative and attentive.

Rohrs & Rowe - Property Agents Cornwall

We’re a multi award winning, friendly, flexible team of highly-professional experts, happy to be judged by our results, reliably as good our word.

Ours is a better way to do business: innovative, state-of-the-art marketing and a dynamic online presence, allied to unrivalled levels of meticulous, personal service.

Not all estate agents are the same.

Welcome to Rohrs & Rowe.



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