About Us

Rohrs & Rowe - Multi Award Winning Estate Agents

Many people will tell you about their years of experience (ours add up to over 40, by the way).

But ours is not a clock-watching, time-serving kind of experience. We make things happen.

We believe in changing what’s not working and being proactive. Our business bears its owners’ names: Martyn Rohrs and Matthew Rowe have every incentive to think differently and try harder. Nobody here just waits for the phone to ring.

Named Best Estate Agency in Cornwall 2017-2018 2019-2020, by the prestigious International Property Awards, we were also shortlisted to one of three companies to be named Best Estate Agency in the UK 2020.

Martyn Rohrs

Martyn grew up and made his name in Cornwall; after many successes in the county’s property world, he found himself doing similarly stellar work, but on a national scale. The region he covered encompassed much of London, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire, which inevitably saw Martyn advising on and selling some of the country’s finest homes. All these years of achievement, in Cornwall and the entire south of the country, have left Martyn richly experienced and connected to an amazing network of private, financial and property-related clients and contacts.

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Matthew Rowe

People who get to know Matthew tend to stay in touch. Not just because of who he is and what he’s like, but also because something about his conscientiousness and strong design eye make him a valuable source of advice. His early years were spent as an advertising photographer in London (hence the aesthetic sensibility), which accounts for his experience’s breadth and diversity. But Cornwall, his home, lured him back, and his wealth of expertise gained has since earned him the reputation as one of the county’s most highly regarded estate agents.

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