Sunday Times – Attracting young professionals to Cornwall

1st November 2016

How Cornwall is attracting young professionals for work and lifestyle.

We were delighted to be included in an interesting article in the Sunday Times this weekend, looking at the trend for twenty and thirty-somethings to move away from cities in search of a different way of life.

The article referenced a recent survey by the campaign group Generation Rent, which revealed that 48% more people in their thirties left London in 2015 than in 2011-2012.

The reasons for the exodus are varied, with high property prices in cities being a key factor. But interestingly the piece also suggested the decision to move is often lifestyle-driven, and not just a financial choice.

Cities, it would seem, no longer offer a lifestyle that many younger people aspire to – the rat race isn’t as attractive as it once was.

The importance of the lifestyle in rural areas is something we’re very aware of – and the reason that the Sunday Times turned to us for comment. We pointed out that achieving the right work-life balance in places like Cornwall is much more realistic. Being able to head to the beach after work for a walk or a surf, for example, is very appealing when you’re used to the frantic rush of a big city.

It’s important to remember that rural doesn’t mean disconnected – at least, not any more. The huge improvements made to broadband in recent years have made Cornwall one of the best connected rural areas in Europe. And the air links to London, Manchester and a wide variety of other cities via Newquay are ever improving.

It is now possible to relocate and continue working in a way that just wasn’t possible ten years ago.

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